Kong Tower #45: A Case of the Living Dead II

Hopefully with this we’ll be getting back on track with weekly updates. Honestly, I just liked the idea of my Jason Todd-esque character just flat out being a zombie. Vote for Kong Tower to see more Zombie detectives and antiheroes. Also any of the other stuff in this comic you like.

A Temporal Ode to River Song

Last night the long-running and absolutely adored British sci-fi TV series Doctor Who aired its latest Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song. A brilliant and moving episode in its own right, the christmas special by all accounts seemed to close off a recurring plotline in the series which has enthralled viewers since Continue reading A Temporal Ode to River Song

Kong Tower Interlude III: Star Wars!

Yay! Unfortunately I won’t be seeing the new movie on the premier, but most likely a few days later, so no spoilers in the comments you jackasses! Vote for Kong Tower on Top Web Comics to see the stunning full-color version! It’s got skin-tones and everything!