Live Prey, Episode One

…… Darkness. Distance. Voices calling. Summoning. Old, rough, yet flowing voices. Come. Come, Live One. Come. A knock on the door. What does the clock say? 2:14. Fuck. Slowly, groggily, he stood, shambled over like the living dead through the two rooms of his cramped, dark apartment to the front Continue reading Live Prey, Episode One

About Me

My name is Townsend S. Wright. I tend to write Science Fiction, Fantasy and everything in-between, along with analyzing the stuff that other people write, probably in more detail than they do in some cases, because there’s really nothing else you can do with a thought process like mine. And Continue reading About Me

Encyclopedia Venatoria

Here’s what you need to know: the world is full of Monsters. Just chock full of ’em. Chances are, if you feared that something was under your bed, if a lonely villager from centuries past raved about a mysterious menace, If you read about it in some ancient leather-bound tome, Continue reading Encyclopedia Venatoria