About Me

My name is Townsend S. Wright. I tend to write Science Fiction, Fantasy and everything in-between, along with analyzing the stuff that other people write, probably in more detail than they do in some cases, because there’s really nothing else you can do with a thought process like mine. And Continue reading About Me

Encyclopedia Venatoria

Here’s what you need to know: the world is full of Monsters. Just chock full of ’em. Chances are, if you feared that something was under your bed, if a lonely villager from centuries past raved about a mysterious menace, If you read about it in some ancient leather-bound tome, Continue reading Encyclopedia Venatoria

Live Prey

A serialized fiction about the the nature of Vampires and those who Hunt them, told from the perspective of Aaron, a young man who is neither human nor vampire, but a man doomed to become the latter after death, caught between two worlds. The Encyclopedia Venatoria describes the complex fantasy Continue reading Live Prey