The Most Tragically Underused Character in Literature

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus is a staple of modern literature, a prime example of Gothic Horror, the precursor to Science Fiction as a genre, and frequent assigned reading. Many know it by the horribly inaccurate movies. These people would be surprised by many aspects of the novel itself. Continue reading The Most Tragically Underused Character in Literature


A directory of the short fiction I’ve published here on this site. Please feel free to look around Live Prey A serialized fiction about the the nature of Vampires and those who Hunt them, told from the perspective of Aaron, a young man who is neither human nor vampire, but Continue reading Stories

Ernest Frankenstein

It had already been the longest I had spent in my father’s home in many years. I had visited Geneva only briefly, never more than a month at a time, through all the Napoleonic wars, and my travels afterward. They had begun so soon after my brother, my last relative, Continue reading Ernest Frankenstein