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Social Media, Comics, etc.

Social Media, Comics, etc. published on

I haven’t been posting lately, and I know it’s been a terrible blow to the sanity of many people. Please accept my apologies, I’ve been trying to focus on Kong Tower, among other things. So here’s what I’m doing now.

I now have a tumblr dedicated to supporting this whole shitshow. Also and instagram, which is more just for the comic, assuming I can actually get the damn thing to function. The links to those should also be on the sidebar there, just below the feed of my tweets and next to the little Facebook and twitter buttons. Feel free to follow them. Or not. Free country and all that. Though I should note there’s an incentive, especially if you don’t already follow my twitter or Facebook page.

If you’ve been reading Kong Tower (and if not, shame on you!) then you may have noticed that under each blurb under each comic I’ve been adding a little button to encourage you to vote for the comic on Top WebComics dot com, yet another site I’ve been using with minimal success to promote myself. I’ve been trying to incentivize your voting by putting up the first fifty comics, which were originally in black and white, in FULL COLOR one at a time. Reactions have been mixed. So I thought I’d give you all a taste of what you’re missing. Moments after this post goes up, I will post the first 10 colorized comics (we’re currently on 12 on TWC) on each of those social media sites (assuming, again, that I can figure out how the hell instagram works). This pattern will continue, where each time I pass a ten comic mark on the colorized incentives, on the next first Tuesday of the month, I will post the previous ten on all my social media. Yeah, I’m confused too.

Also, from here on, I pledge to put out at least two actual posts on this blog per month. This is more or less double what I’ve ever managed. Expect me to slip up pretty quickly. (Also, yes, this one counts for June).

So yeah, that’s about it. Keep reading Kong Tower, maybe someday I’ll start another serial story, and uh…yeah. I never know how to finish th

New Webcomic, Kong Tower

New Webcomic, Kong Tower published on

I’ve started a webcomic! It’s called Kong Tower and it parodies and otherwise makes fun of superheroes and the superhero genre. Two strips are out now, hopefully with more to come every Tuesday. Why Tuesday? I just don’t think Tuesdays have enough going for them.

You can submit ideas for strips! Just write them in the comments, DM me on Twitter, or contact my Facebook page, and if I think your strip idea is good and in keeping with the theme of Kong Tower, I’ll try to get around to making it!