I Was Right about Civil War: Ha ha

So, my dumb, pointless fan theory about Captain America: Civil War has been confirmed by the most recent trailer:

A couple months ago, I posted a theory on here, that Spidey would, in the course of the film, receive a fancy high-tech super-suit from Iron Man (taking the place of the “iron spider” apparatus he got in the Civil War comics) complete with the inexplicably expressive mask-eyes he’s sometimes depicted with in the comics

And if you’ll watch that trailer to the end (and why wouldn’t you?) you’ll see Spider man appear, fighting on Iron man’s side, resplendent in a fancy no-doubt-Stark-provided suit (which Tony affectionately refers to as “Underoos”) with technologically aided expressive eyes (complete with the sound of servos whirring)!

In summary, neener-neener. I was right. Looking forward to the Movie.