I Was Right about Civil War: Ha ha

So, my dumb, pointless fan theory about Captain America: Civil War has been confirmed by the most recent trailer:

A couple months ago, I posted a theory on here, that Spidey would, in the course of the film, receive a fancy high-tech super-suit from Iron Man (taking the place of the “iron spider” apparatus he got in the Civil War comics) complete with the inexplicably expressive mask-eyes he’s sometimes depicted with in the comics

And if you’ll watch that trailer to the end (and why wouldn’t you?) you’ll see┬áSpider man appear, fighting on Iron man’s side, resplendent in a fancy no-doubt-Stark-provided suit (which Tony affectionately refers to as “Underoos”) with technologically aided expressive eyes (complete with the sound of servos whirring)!

In summary, neener-neener. I was right. Looking forward to the Movie.