My Humble Suggestion for the X-Files Revival

As I recently publicized, this month’s Live Prey will be a bit late due to unforeseen procrastination. But, I am not cruel, and I will gladly give you a tidbit of my mind to tide you over until I can satisfy your need.

As you may have heard, The X-Files is coming back to TV!┬áThe 90’s cult classic is returning to the small screen for a tentative 6 episode miniseries, hopefully to lead to a more complete series. By the end of the original show, many plotlessness had been satisfactorily closed, but many others were left glaringly open: [SPOILERS] what happens to Scully and Mulder’s son William after Scully gives him up for adoption? What will happen in the predated 2012 invasion of Earth? Who gives a shit about Dogget and that other chick from the last couple seasons?

Thus, I humbly put forth my own suggestion for the plot of the planned revival. Chris Carter, should you happen to randomly find this site, please feel free to use the following idea. You can credit me or just pretend you came up with it first, but WE will both know the truth. Well, and anyone who also looks at this and compares the dates, but more importantly WE will KNOW the TRUTH.

Okay. *Clears throat*

The year is 2093. The Earth still stands. People still ignore the mysterious things going on around them. And the X-Files Division still protects them.

Often called simply the X Division, it itself is now a secret conspiracy. Composed of members of every law enforcement agency: FBI, Homeland Security, NSA, CIA; each works within their own organization to do battle against the things people don’t want to believe. Each hides their affiliation with the shadowy organization from their colleagues. Each studies under the tutelage of Agent Dana Scully.

She’s older now. But damn well not as old as she ought to be. She can thank an encounter with an old man with a camera who wanted nothing more than to die for that.

Who are these agents? The children of the son Scully gave up for adoption. The grandchildren of a young boy Scully knew who could hear other people’s thoughts. And many other good men and women.

They know that monsters lurk in the shadows. They know that there are things not of this world who want it. They know they’ve tried to take it. They know they failed. They don’t know why. What happened in 2012? What isn’t their leader telling them? And who is this strange man who appeared in a cornfield, unaware of the date, claiming to know Dana Scully?