My Idea for the Age of Ultron End-credits Scene

As I’m sure you all know, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron is coming out next week, and is a bout a genocidal robot with an army of android drones who sings Disney songs. I am also sure you know that Marvel movies are notorious for their use of end-credit scenes, little tidbits that come in the middle of or after the credits roll on their movies which are humorous and/or tease their upcoming films. Also that Marvel has recently struck a deal with Sony to have Spider-man in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War. I’m sure you know all these things, but I tend to assume people know things they often don’t and then I’m left to explain about who a bunch of science fiction writers or fictional characters are, so I’ve gone to the trouble of enumerating them anyways.

Here’s my Idea for the end-cretid scene for Age of Ultron. I’ve seen ideas on the internet, mostly about people picking up Thor’s Hammer. This one’s mine.

It is over. The battle has been won, Ultron and his drones has been defeated. The Avengers are victorious. Basic movie shit.

Close up on an NYC manhole. It bursts open. A portion of a single Ultron drone, just a head and an arm crawls its way out, singing, “I’ve g-g-got no stringzzzzzzzzzz, to ho-old me dā€“ā€“”

Suddenly a string of Spiderweb hits him from above and yanks him upwards out of the frame. Distant sounds of a scuffle are heard. After a moment, the Ultron drone clatters to the ground in several inactive pieces.

Cut to black. Boyish laughter is heard retreating into the distance.

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