This Blog Turns One

Well, this is it. The milestone. I began this blog, this foray into being an internet writer one year ago today. This feels big. It feels good. Twelve whole months of screaming out into the void and I haven’t given up. Who wants to see how next year turns out?

It all started a year ago with the very first chapter of Live Prey, my attempt at an internet serial, a take on modern Vampire fiction that tries to merge it with the myths and legends that gave birth to the genre before it even was one. I’ve written nine chapters out of the ten I intended in the first year (sorry, those of you who may have been looking forward to it, I’ll get around to it eventually), and have a whole mini-Encyclopedia built up about the mythology just to help readers keep things straight.

Since that began I’ve also created posts venting my obsession with pop culture, about everything from scientific details in fantasy movies to the exact reasons why executive meddling ruined a famous movie to straight up opinions on upcoming nerd movies. Did I write enough posts in that time? Probably not. I could have regaled you all with my analyses of various pop-culture properties, I could have posted more flash fiction, I could have made more movie reviews like everyone does. But I didn’t. I was lazy. Sue me. You wouldn’t get any money.

And, lastly, in what is arguably my most ambitious project, I’ve started a Webcomic. The art isn’t great, but hey, what webcomic is in the beginning? And sure, it’s still coming into itself comedically. But it’s a labor of love, and though I don’t really know where it’s going, I look forward to seeing where it takes me as much as I desperately hope you all do.

I think what I’m saying with all this is… Read more of my stuff. And tell your friends about it. It’s all right there for the taking and it’s not going anywhere fast. Hey, one day I could be some famous novelist, or at least some mildly-respected-within-my-genre novelist. And when that happens, don’t you want to be able to say that you were reading my crap all the way back when I was some dipshit kid drawing bad parodies of DC characters? Don’t you want to be able to brag that you saw my genius early, and tried to get others in on the ground floor of this? I think you do. I think you might just be that smug in the future. Don’t waste the opportunity. Read on.