Encyclopedia Venatoria: Strigoi Viu

A Strigoi Viu is not quite a Vampire. It is born human, alive, but is deeply related to Vampires. When a Stirgoi Viu dies, if it is not killed in a manner that would be fatal to a Vampire, he or she will rise from the grave as a Strigoi Mort, a full-fledged vampire. Prior to that even, however, they also display a number of abilities not endowed to the common man, essentially making the Strigoi Viu a kind of Witch.


First and foremost, a Stigoi Viu possesses the ability of psychic vampirism, absorbing the life force of living things around it to use for its own ends. Using this energy, it can utilize a kind of telekinesis, as well as the ability to freeze things, and manipulation of fire, among other possible powers. It can also dislocate its soul from its body in Astral projection to meet with other Vampires. This occurs almost instinctually on Saturday nights. They also hold the same psychic link to vampires as do their undead brethren. With practice, they can use their telekinetic abilities to become at least somewhat tangible in their spectral forms


Beyond most means of killing a Vampire also being entirely lethal to a human, the Strigoi Viu also holds a number of its brethren’s secondary weaknesses. Mistletoe fiber has a similar drugging effect, and wards designed to keep Vampires out also succeed in preventing the passage of Strigoi Viu without encouragement. Excessive use of their power can also physically drain them, and leave their abilities inaccessible for some time after. While astral projecting, their spiritual form is extremely vulnerable to the touch of iron, which can temporarily “dissipate” them, disorienting them or even returning them to their bodies in a state of shock.


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