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Kong Tower Cast

Organized roughly by number of appearances:

Tim KennedyTim Kennedy

  • Status: Inactive Super
  • Powers: Magic-crystal powered low-level telekinesis. Artistic talent. Nerdiness. (both totally powers, guys)
  • Occupation: Graphic designer/Artist/part-time magician
  • Personal Notes: Idolizes superheroes. Deeply regrets his incompetence at being one.

April FreedmanApril Freedman

  • Status: Inactive Super
  • Powers: Flight. Enhanced lung capacity. Seductiveness, apparently.
  • Occupation: Online IT tech and White Hat hacker
  • Personal Notes: Short tempered. Does not discriminate among sexual partners. Lactose intolerant.

Aya BarberAya Barber

  • Status: Inactive Super
  • Powers: Animesqueness
  • Occupation: Student
  • Personal Notes: Idealistic View of Super-Heroing. Daughter of Sgt. Acme and Bugeisha

ArachneNancyArachne/Nancy Amankwah

  • Status: Active hero
  • Powers: Spider gene induced enhanced strength and durability, sticky fingers, queen of all spiders
  • Occupation: Journalism student. Waitress. Super-seamstress.
  • Personal Notes: Awkward when smitten. Which is often.

Steve BarberSteve Toussaint-Barber

  • Status: Inactive Super
  • Powers: Mild psychic and reality warping powers centered around delusion of fictitiousness.
  • Occupation: Unemployed
  • Personal Notes: Yeah, hi, it’s me, I’m gonna highjack this bio to tell you the author is a hack who can’t dra– Oh you shut up.

Sgt. OmegaStu SterlingSergeant Omega/Stu Sterling

  • Status: Active Hero
  • Powers: Jeez. Just…just too many. This is not fair.
  • Occupation: Reporter
  • Personal Notes: Just lets the cars fall now


Max AddamsMax Addams/The Atomicist

  • Status: Former Hero
  • Powers: Genius and the LIMITLESS POWER OF THE ATOM!
  • Occupation: Cook
  • Personal Notes: Runs the Tower’s Diner. Do NOT dis his Super-past or dine and dash in his diner.

Monkey ManSunny WuMonkey Man/Sunny Wu

  • Status: Active Hero
  • Powers: Money. Gadgets afforded by money. Skills afforded by gadgets and money
  • Occupation: Billionaire industrialist. Owner of Kong Tower.
  • Personal Notes: Holds record for most former sidekicks.


Karen Shaughnessy/Strong Lass

  • Status: Active Hero
  • Powers: Cellular Respecialization, notably fat-to-muscle.
  • Occupation: Private Nurse
  • Personal Notes: Will either tenderly aid your health and wellness or punch you in the face. There is little middle ground.

Striped shirt gangStriped Shirt Gang

  • Status: Mooks
  • Powers: N/A
  • Occupation: Disturbingly loyal criminals
  • Personal notes: They know they’ll get beat up by supers. They do their damn jobs anyway.


  • Status: Undeceased
  • Powers: High metabolic efficiency, resistance to decay
  • Occupation: Horde



  • Status: Active Hero
  • Powers: Enhanced Speed. Not the traction for it to work, though.
  • Occupation:
  • Personal Notes: Kind of a dick. Does not know his Super-History.


Rob McCobbRob McCobb, Zombie P.I.

  • Status: Undeceased
  • Powers: Removable limbs, high metabolic efficiency, deduction
  • Occupation: Private Investigator, Police Consultant
  • Personal Notes: Only eats cruelty free, locally sourced BRAAAAAAIIIIINNNSSS!


Det. WellsDetective Wells

  • Status: Civilain
  • Powers: None
  • Occupation: Police Detective
  • Personal Notes: Best Friends Forever with a quasi-psychotic corpse with a PI license

AldousAldous Q. Blacklock

  • Status: Former Sidekick
  • Powers: None
  • Occupation: Manager of Kong Tower Apartments
  • Personal Notes: Used to be Monkey Man’s sidekick, due to shenanigans is now elderly and has more experience than any two active heroes combined.

Necroma CNecroma

  • Status: Active Hero
  • Powers: Chanels mystic energies to generate and control spectral forms of dead organisms she holds a piece of.
  • Occupation:
  • Personal Notes: Yes, her powers seem kind of evil. She herself is at worst neutral.

Dragon HeadUlysses BehnDragon Head/Ulysses Behn

  • Status: Former Sidekick, Active Hero, Uhdeceased
  • Powers: Guns.
  • Occupation: Unemployed renegade vigilante (he pickpockets criminals when he’s done bludgeoning them)
  • Personal Notes: Former sidekick of Monkey Man. Has acquired a recent interest in BRAAAAAAAIIIIINNNNSSS!

Det. NgDetective Ng

  • Status: Civilian
  • Powers: None
  • Occupation: Rookie Police Detective
  • Personal Notes: Wells’ new partner. Managed not to vomit at crime scene.


Gene 2 Gene Jenkins

  • Status: Inactive Super
  • Powers: Teleportation
  • Occupation: Clerk
  • Personal Notes: Douche.


Art MajorThe Art Major

  • Status: Active Villain
  • Powers: Artistic Talent
  • Occupation: Student, Criminal
  • Personal Notes: Lame


Ares GouldAres Gould/Lord Krznm

  • Status: Active Villain, Alien invader
  • Powers: Superior alien technology
  • Occupation: “Norman Human Businessman”
  • Personal Notes: Was talked into invading Earth by his son. Leads a band of villains infiltrating an apartment building.

Sergeant Acme/Harry Barber

  • Status: Active Hero
  • Powers: Cartoon Physics
  • Occupation: Actor, comedian
  • Personal Notes: Father of Aya and Steve Barber, husband to Rin Barber/Bugeisha and ex-husband to Angeline Toussaint/Mambo Doubye. Personality matches powers.

Bugeisha/Rin Akane Barber

  • Status: Active Hero
  • Powers: Advanced traditional Japanese martial art and weaponry skills, Shinto magic induced enhanced strength and reflexes, matter manipulation. Badassness.
  • Occupation: Lawyer
  • Personal Notes: Mother to Aya and wife to Harry Barber. Secretive. Aggressive. Can bake.


  • Status: Supervillainous Conspiracy of Racists
  • Powers: World War II Wunderwaffen, occasional sorcery, self-proclaimed racial superiority.
  • Occupation: World domination. Racism. Locomotive Scheduling.
  • Personal Notes: Generally just a big group of really awful friends nobody else likes.