Rules I Will Follow If I Ever Write High Fantasy

I am a writer. More or less. Probably less at this point. But for argument’s sake, I am a writer, primarily of Speculative Fiction. I have entertained ideas of Cyberpunk, Space Opera, Urban Fantasy, even the odd genre bender. And I have pondered High Fantasy. It can be a beautiful Continue reading Rules I Will Follow If I Ever Write High Fantasy

The Problem With Dwarves


The works of J.R.R. Tolkien have codified the nature of high fantasy ever since their inception. So iconic is the world on Middle Earth that fantasy authors often have to make a point of altering Tolkien’s mold. And in no aspect of the Tolkienian mythos is this fact more prominent, than Continue reading The Problem With Dwarves

Social Media, Comics, etc.

I haven’t been posting lately, and I know it’s been a terrible blow to the sanity of many people. Please accept my apologies, I’ve been trying to focus on Kong Tower, among other things. So here’s what I’m doing now. I now have a tumblr dedicated to supporting this whole Continue reading Social Media, Comics, etc.

A Review of Batman vs Superman: The Worst Movie Ever.


First of all I’d like to say that this review is 110% completely Spoiler-free. So Wonder Woman Kills both of them in the end. That was a shocker, I have to admit. They went through the whole thing together, then teamed up with her to beat Doomsday AND Brainiac, (at Continue reading A Review of Batman vs Superman: The Worst Movie Ever.

I Was Right about Civil War: Ha ha

So, my dumb, pointless fan theory about Captain America: Civil War has been confirmed by the most recent trailer: A couple months ago, I posted a theory on here, that Spidey would, in the course of the film, receive a fancy high-tech super-suit from Iron Man (taking the place of Continue reading I Was Right about Civil War: Ha ha

A Temporal Ode to River Song


Last night the long-running and absolutely adored British sci-fi TV series Doctor Who aired its latest Christmas Special, The Husbands of River Song. A brilliant and moving episode in its own right, the christmas special by all accounts seemed to close off a recurring plotline in the series which has enthralled viewers since Continue reading A Temporal Ode to River Song

My Theory About Captain America: Civil War


Captain America: Civil War is the newest upcoming addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, coming in May, and the internet is abuzz with theories and speculation (damn, now I wish they were including the Wasp in that movie, if for no other reason than that “buzz” line would be a Continue reading My Theory About Captain America: Civil War

King Arthur: Not Awesome Enough


We all know about King Arthur. The mythic first king of England, wielder of Excalibur, the sword in the stone and/or given to him by the mysterious Lady in the Lake, subject of countless literary romances across hundreds of years and several languages, a variety of classic dramatic modern films Continue reading King Arthur: Not Awesome Enough