A directory of the short fiction I’ve published here on this site. Please feel free to look around

Live Prey

A serialized fiction about the the nature of Vampires and those who Hunt them, told from the perspective of Aaron, a young man who is neither human nor vampire, but a man doomed to become the latter after death, caught between two worlds. The Encyclopedia Venatoria describes the complex fantasy mythology described therein. A nine-episode serial, not currently publishing.

Ernest Frankenstein

A thrilling, Gothic account of the last living member of the Frankenstein family from Mary Shelley’s classic novel. Ernest Frankenstein, last heir to the fortune of a family of Swiss aristocrats, former soldier in the Napoleonic Wars, and under-appreciated gun inventor, enters a quest to rectify his famed brother’s legacy against the conspirators who would abuse it, with little but his wits, unlikely alliances, and lots and lots of gunfire.