Kong Tower #124: KA-ZAPP!

I know this joke is like… four years late, but that was a really stupid line in Pacific Rim, wasn’t it? Sorry about being late again. I swear I’m gonna get on this at some point. It’s a new month, so your votes especially count right now! CLICK THE BUTTON.

Kong Tower #123: Equitis Ex Machina

Remember the Unicorn? From this page? Yeah. This is late, I am sorry, please don’t hit me. Instead, Vote! and I’ll see how much you like Kong Tower and be more motivated to get pages out on time!

Kong Tower #122: Bug Zapper IV

I figure if Atomic Robo can get away with it, I can get away with it. This is what I had time for, I’ll color it first thing in the morning. [UPDATE] IN COLOOOOOOOR! VOOOOOOOOTE!