Encyclopedia Venatoria: Jiangshi

A Jiangshi is a creature from China which bears some resemblance to the category of Vampire, but is not technically of that class. While they are undead corpses, they do not feed on blood, but rather on human life-force directly. They appear as rotting corpses, stiff with rigor mortis, and thus have to hop around in order to move. If one of them feeds enough, it can evolve, developing greenish skin, long white hair, claws, and new and increased abilities.


Despite its difficulty moving, the Jiangshi is extremely fast and strong. It feels no pain and easily damages itself without concern. It drains the souls from its victim, generally in the form of a stream which is sucked from the victim’s mouth to it. Once it evolves, it gains the ability to fly, as well as claws and a general increase in strength and speed.


Like Vampires, the Jiangshi has a weakness to iron, but is not nearly so difficult to kill. Stabbing it with an iron knife or shooting it with an iron bullet is sufficient to kill it, and it is not necessary to stake and ground it like with a Vampire. Jiangshi are blind, and will not know someone is there unless they make noise, which unfortunately includes breathing. A Dhampir cannot detect a Jiangshi as they can a true Vampire, but can sense if they have killed one.


Like many breeds of Vampire, the Jiangshi reproduces through its victims. Those who are killed by a Jiangshi will rise as Jiangshi as well. However, unlike many Vampires, the transformation has to be immediate, meaning this only occurs to those who are killed by the Jiangshi’s feeding. Those who survive the attack will not rise when they die naturally. The original of any strain of Jiangshi is usually animated by sorcery¬†and let loose. They are said to have more in common with Zombies than true Vampires.


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