Encyclopedia Venatoria: Vampire: Estrie

An Estrie is a type of Vampire which traces its origins to jewish folklore, who prefer the blood of Jewish men. They are an all-female breed. While seemingly a standard humanoid vampire, there are a number of odd aspects to their nature.


Estrie are fairly unique for their ability to fly winglessly, while still in human form. They can also shape shift, generally into small nocturnal animals like birds and cats.


Estrie are nearly unique among vampires for being almost entirely immune to the effect of holy items and places. In fact they are known to enter churches and other places of worship to pray on parishioners and priests alike. However, they have a number of unusual weaknesses. They loose most of their power if their hair is bound or cut, rendering them incapable of flight and shape shifting. They also cannot heal quickly from most wounds, as most vampires can each dusk, unless they can consume either the blood of the person who harmed them, or a quantity of salt and bread with he or she has given her.

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