Encyclopedia Venatoria: Vampire: Soucouyant

The Soucouyant, also called the Loogaroo, is a type of Vampire native to the Caribbean. They are among the more exotic of the varieties of Vampirism, and are known to be capable of Voodoo magic.


In its natural form, the Soucouyant appears as a large ball of flame, floating through the air. It assumes this form by shedding its human skin. In this form it travels through the night to feed on the living.


Among the standard weaknesses of Vampires, the Soucouyant is especially susceptible to arithmomania, the obsession with counting. Though it can be difficult to kill them by the normal means, if they do not reassume their human disguises at dawn, whether due to having been preoccupied by their counting, or if all their available skins have been destroyed or rendered unusable by means such as rock salt, they will die as the sun rises.


Like most breedsĀ of Vampire, the Soucouyant propagates its kind by feeding on the living. However, there are two possible outcomes to a Soucouyant bleeding a person dry: that the person is converted, or that they are merely killed, allowing the Soucouyant to steal the skin from their body to add to its collection of disguises.


The skin(s) of a Soucouyant have significant value in a variety of benign magical spells, thus it is suggested that Hunters attempt to collect whatever skins they can, preferring to salt, rather than burn them, so that they can be used as a magical aid to the hunt or sold to weak magic practitioners to support the costs of the hunt.


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