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Kong Tower #14: The Incredible Shrinking Jerk

Kong Tower #14: The Incredible Shrinking Jerk published on No Comments on Kong Tower #14: The Incredible Shrinking Jerk

Comic inspired partly by the new Marvel movie (which I haven’t seen because although it’s out at the time you’re reading this I’m making these comics like three weeks in advance at this point) about Ant Man (who has, just, the worst name. You can argue for his powers but god damn, the name. I mean even if he wanted to be in-theme, he could be like, “Formic” or something which is all latin and sciency and doesn’t sound like someone forgot the word for “uncle”), and partly by this Cracked article which details in hilarious prose just what an absolute bitch Lois Lane is.

I think this is how it’s gonna be. Comics that are actually part of an arc come out on Tuesday, then occasionally you get Friday Randomness, maybe to parody a movie coming out or just to separate different arcs with some of my less sequential ideas. This isn’t to say that Tiny M–– Quark won’t show up again, just that he won’t show up next week.

Vote for Kong Tower on Top Web Comics and all your dreams will come true. Assuming your dreams exclusively involve seeing a big color image of the Spider-Man parody girl from last Tuesday.

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