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Kong Tower #29: Revanchists: Age of Fashion

Kong Tower #29: Revanchists: Age of Fashion published on No Comments on Kong Tower #29: Revanchists: Age of Fashion

Since the Age of Ultron DVD comes out today, I thought I’d share with you how amusing I found this aspect of the scene where [SPOILERS] The Vision is created. Actually there was a lot of humor to that aspect of the movie. First there was the whole batshit crazy Thor-thrashing-shirtless-in-a-puddle plotline that was there just so¬†his stupid name would make sense (and also, obviously, to show Thor thrashing shirtless in a puddle). Then there was the fact that Ultron, who, having spent the entire film building himself increasingly large, threatening, and ostentatious metal bodies, upon deciding to make himself a pseudo-organic form, thinks “You know what, let’s go with an average-height purple ectomorph.”

And, so you don’t have to look it up, Revanchist is basically a synonym for Avenger, except with a focus on captured territory or something. A lot of the names in this comic will be made up just using¬†existing titles and a thesaurus.

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