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Kong Tower #36: What’s That in the Sky?!

Kong Tower #36: What’s That in the Sky?! published on No Comments on Kong Tower #36: What’s That in the Sky?!

Yeah, her power is that badass. Been looking forward to this strip for a while. Took more layers than usual but I like how it turned out.

And for those skeptics out there, yes that giant goddamn bird actually existed! And you should all thank your respective deities that that’s in the past tense.

We’re gonna get into a couple actual plot points shortly after this ([EDIT]: but not Tuesday 11/8, sorry, schoolwork. Check again Friday). I just like introducing lots and lots of awesome characters.

Oh look, it’s the first of the month! That means my Top Web Comics standing has just reset and you, my loyal fans, have the opportunity to vote me to the top (well, the lower middle)! Please, Vote for Kong Tower! You can do it every day, and that way it may get to the point that I’m not lying when I say I have fans!

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