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Kong Tower #62: Karaoke Night

Kong Tower #62: Karaoke Night published on No Comments on Kong Tower #62: Karaoke Night

You all get what song this is. I don’t need to explain the joke.

This is the first time I’ve flat out used characters from another property in this comic. Before it’s all been Expys and Ersatzszszszs. But here these two shit-faced demigods are.

I like how the line work on Doomsday up there turned out. I don’t usually draw figures big enough that I can really go all out with the brush pen.

Hope everybody enjoys X-Men: Apocalypse, AKA X-Men Babies III, AKA X-Men vs. A Blue Guy Dressed Like a Jaffa from Stargate SG1.

VOTE! AGAIN! CLICK IT! Kong Tower #10 is still up in color as an incentive. SO VOTE!

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