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Kong Tower #98: Old Dad Logan

Kong Tower #98: Old Dad Logan published on 1 Comment on Kong Tower #98: Old Dad Logan

Boy, it’s gonna be super awkward when Manly Guys Doing Manly Things does this exact joke next week.

The fact that I punched this comic out in literally an evening is kinda indicative that I’m generally half-assing this whole project. I don’t expect to stop. I am tired now.

Make with the Voting please.

1 Comment

Hah!. So you’re also a fan. That is one of the few works where I can point to THE favorite comic/scene/whatever for me. Do you have one?

And I think maybe not. If anything the Logan jab may be associated with the current Canada Guy is the stolen and revised DNA version of Commandeer BadA*$ (not sure how you want the boops in the comics

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