Welcome to my World!

Greetings, Humans and otherwise of the Internet. My name is Townsend S. Wright, and this is my Blog, which as you can see I’ve imaginatively named after myself. I’m not a guy with a lot going for him, so I’ve decided to do what a lot of lonely, asocial late-teen assholes do, and start a Blog. Will I be talking about myself? No! I’m boring, or else I wouldn’t bother making up a Blog. You all know it’s true.

Instead, I’m going to be talking about the weird shit that I think about. See, I’m the kind of guy who thinks a lot. Like a lot. Like a sizable portion of my day that in most peoples’ cases goes to TV or doing something productive, I spend thinking. I think about pop culture. I think about Science Fiction. I think about Fantasy and Horror. Which is, of course, why I write those things. And this is a good way for me to vainly scar them into the Internet forever. Ain’t that dandy?

So here it is. My Thought Blog. The little descriptor in the corner says my thoughts on “Science Fiction, Fantasy, and the Inhuman Condition,” and I plan on keeping this pretty much what it says on the can. In the future, I might include posts about the various pop culture topics that interest me, or that I’ve thought very deeply about and feel like I could rant on. I’ll also probably be posting some of my own work. Case in Point: Today!

Live Prey is the accumulation of waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much thought about Vampire lore. I have looked over the whole of one of the most popular genres of fiction of the past century, and found it distinctly lacking in the “Weird-ass shit that’s actually in the Folklore” category, and have decided to do something about that.

Live Prey is a serialized fiction, a work that I hope will come to be about the ambiguity of morality, and the power, and danger, of seeing both sides of something. You should expect new episodes once a month for a ten-episode season, with each episode a self-contained story that fits in to the larger framework, much like an episode of a TV show.

Thing is, because of those 23 a’s of thought that I put into this, it might get a bit confusing. So, for the sake of the reader, and because I think it’s kind of awesome, included in this blog is the Encyclopedia Venatoria, a homegrown Wiki which will tell you everything there is to know about the mythology of Live Prey so far. Every time a unique aspect of the mythology is brought up in the story, it will include a link to the corresponding article in the Wiki. It’s pretty scarce now, because we’re on the first episode, but over time, as new monthly episodes arrive and new elements are introduced, the Wiki will expand and we’ll end up with an expansive view of the world I’ve created.

So yeah. If I haven’t scared you off yet with my pretension, sweeping declarations of superiority, or crummy jokes yet, please, Read the First Episode, Peruse the Wiki, or just Read a Little About Me!

Oh, and you can Follow me on Twitter, Like my Facebook Page, or just stalk me in real life if you have that kind of dedication and don’t mind maybe getting arrested.

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