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Kong Tower #32: Do Me a Favor: Tell the Audience About Me

Kong Tower #32: Do Me a Favor: Tell the Audience About Me published on 6 Comments on Kong Tower #32: Do Me a Favor: Tell the Audience About Me

My first days late comic. I guess it’s something every webcomic artist has to go through, especially early on. Oh well.

It took me literally until the very last stages of making this to realize his helmet is drawn wrong in the last Panel. Oops.

I had some trouble coming up with a title for this one and eventually settled on a bastardized version of one of the title character’s first lines from the ’89 Batman movie: “I want you to do me a favor: I want you to tell all your friends about me.” It’s a stretch, I know.

I know people with OCD don’t usually have the compulsion of Narrating, but honestly in my limited knowledge of mental disorders I couldn’t think of one that fit better. Tell me in the comments if there’s something better I could use. If this part of the comic offends you, I would like to direct you to this comic of a few months ago to demonstrate how little I probably care.

Vote for Kong Tower or Emmerson will get very anxious.


So, was making him an aberrant a retcon or is Emmerson just unaware?

He’s a Curio, not an aberrant, hence his powers turning off when the Nazis flip on their machines later, and his powers are independent of his mental condition.

Sorry, wasn’t clear. Was making Wu/Monkey Man and aberrant a retcon, or was Emmerson just unaware when say he had no powers? At least I always assumed he was the guy in panel 2 of Professor Exposition #2.

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