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Kong Tower #31: The Dramatic Reveal!

Kong Tower #31: The Dramatic Reveal! published on No Comments on Kong Tower #31: The Dramatic Reveal!

This one’s out late unfortunately. I was hoping to get further into this before I started slipping.

But anyway, Here you go! Monkey Man! The secret identity of that guy on the right in the first two comics who was named as Sunny Wu, owner of Kong Tower (Classical Chinese Literature fans will get that joke) only twenty four comics later. Yes, he wears Utility Suspenders, and his chin is entirely shielded while his neck and jawline is exposed. And yes, his chest insignia (and thematic throwing star-boomerang things) are meant to look like Monkeys in a Barrel. You remember those? They were fun in a the-internet-isn’t-practical-yet kinda way.

Of course, if you Voted for Kong Tower you’d have known who he was weeks ago, and you’d especially have known if you’d voted every single day like you totally can and isn’t that awesome! Even now, by doing so, you can see a huge, full-color image of Monkey Man in all his Simian Glory!

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