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Kong Tower #38: Out of the Rogues’ Gallery

Kong Tower #38: Out of the Rogues’ Gallery published on 1 Comment on Kong Tower #38: Out of the Rogues’ Gallery

I swear to Gods this is supposed to be a Tuesday-updating comic. And it will be, at least for the next couple months since I’m off on winter break and can build up a buffer.

If you’ve ever met an artist who claims to have never swung around a T square as though it were a weapon, you have met a dirty goddamn liar. This guy’s physically based on a friend of mine, who will likely be able to identify himself, assuming he actually reads this. If so, Hey, been a while, hope you’re OK with it.

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1 Comment

In junior high school, I designed a character who also used art tools as weapons. He had a T-square, several sized of triangles made of high-tensile metals, bladed protractor, rocket-powered compass, laser pens…
I don’t remember if I ever gave him a name though.

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