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Kong Tower #69: Not Mad, Just Disappointed Science

Kong Tower #69: Not Mad, Just Disappointed Science published on No Comments on Kong Tower #69: Not Mad, Just Disappointed Science

Mad Science gets a bad rap, if you ask me. It could solve so many of the world’s problems.

To be technical, the weapon that policeman is using isn’t simply a freeze-ray, which could itself be extremely lethal. Rather it’s more of a high-powered squirt gun, filled with a dense inorganic fluid designed to crystalize in a hexagonal pattern, much like water, but to expand when frozen at a much more dramatic rate, which has a melting point of about 8 degrees celsius, thus coating its target in low-density “ice” when its spray intersects with the freeze-ray that’s also mounted on the firearm. The ice-goo squirter is really what distinguishes it from just being a laser that gives you hypothermia.

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