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Kong Tower #50: A Brand New Day

Kong Tower #50: A Brand New Day published on No Comments on Kong Tower #50: A Brand New Day

Boy, that is one drab mental hospital bedroom.

That’s right people, Kong Tower is now in Living Color! Look at that quality.

Not only are my new comics now in color, I’m going back and colorizing the old ones! The ones in this timeline will remain black and white, but I’ll be putting up the colored ones as voting incentives on Top Web Comics once per week. So, for the next week, when you vote, you should be able to see Kong Tower #1 in color! (Sorry, no more Star Wars poster) If you have trouble seeing it, try a different device. (I almost considered starting a Patreon, y’know like everyone has, and putting up the colored comics as rewards there, but lets be honest, who the hell is gonna pay me for any of this crap?)

Vote for #1 in Color!

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