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Kong Tower #73: Super-Douche vs… Fat Shaming!

Kong Tower #73: Super-Douche vs… Fat Shaming! published on No Comments on Kong Tower #73: Super-Douche vs… Fat Shaming!

Karen’s a nurse, she provides part-time care for some of the building’s elderly and disabled tenants, among them our faithful dispenser of Exposition up there. And yes, she’s the Karen who set up the betting pool April and Tim were talking about. Also that was her in the poorly produced Deadpool comic.

Been a while since we’ve seen Gene, aka the Super-Douche. He’s fun. In a sadistic writer kind of way.

Vote on TWC to see Kong Tower #21: I’ve Run Out of Spider-Man Lines to Parody in full color this week only! Well, until I pass comic 30 on that and put the past ten all up on my various social media. Like I’ll be doing today with the last 10. But please vote anyway by clicking the button below!

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