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Kong Tower #80: Damn Nazi Superweapons

Kong Tower #80: Damn Nazi Superweapons published on 3 Comments on Kong Tower #80: Damn Nazi Superweapons

Sorry about missing last week. And for the new voting incentive being up late this week. Look, I’ve been busy lately, okay?!

The Nazi Superweapon there is based on some images I found of Die Glocke, or The Bell, a reported Nazi Wunderwaffe that looked like a giant evil water-heater and supposedly used concentric spinning cylinders of some purple mercury stuff to either cause all living matter in a 200 meter radius to spontaneously crystalize and decay, generate antigravity, or just strait up rip a hole in time because HOLY SHIT, GUYS, WORLD WAR TWO WAS F**KING INSANE!

The colored version of comic #28: A Cowardly and Superstitious Lot should be up at some point today, Now, a day later than I said! for now I have to go to bed.


Do you mean why are they taking such heavy damage? Or why are they having such a hard time overcoming the resistance? Because why are taking such heavy resistance doesn’t sound right.

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