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Kong Tower #87: The Agency’s Finest at Work

Kong Tower #87: The Agency’s Finest at Work published on No Comments on Kong Tower #87: The Agency’s Finest at Work

If you think about it, depending on your point of view, there’s really very little difference between Fox Mulder and Denzel Crocker. Wait, does… does that make the Syndicate Timmy? Don’t overthink this.

Honestly I was gonna do this comic a while ago, but it just never seemed quite right, pacing-wise, but now I needed something as filler and I already had the thumbnail drawn.

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[[UPDATE]] Apologies, but with finals coming up I’ve been busy, so there won’t be an update for 12/6. However, the is, starting today, an Art! page, on which I’ve already posted all my drawings for Inktober 2016, and the Voting incentive has been updated normally, and should now be Kong Tower #35: Power Alignment. Thank you for reading, and please vote and tip.

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