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Kong Tower #86: Knock Knock, Who Goes There?

Kong Tower #86: Knock Knock, Who Goes There? published on 3 Comments on Kong Tower #86: Knock Knock, Who Goes There?

Hey, look it’s those guys from the Banner! They were supposed to have some sort of role in this comic, weren’t they?

Happy, Thanksgiving, everyone! I’m thankful for all you loyal readers.  The fact that I could probably fit all of you at a dinner table is inconsequential. Have a great holidays!

Kong Tower #33: Super Spooky in full color is gonna be up as a voting incentive a little late today, don’t let that discourage you from voting!


I didn’t notice it the first time and am not sure if you did it on purpose, but I appreciate Steve didn’t speak to the black face wearing Cal until after he said he was an alien.

You’re right, I don’t think I did that intentionally, but I also like the implications. Thank you for rereading and thinking about my characters in such depth.

Just an interesting thing I noticed. And I could see how it might not have been intentional and how it could take an older generation to have a knee jerk reaction to it. Another nuance that just came to me now is that April, the other alien, is the only one who did speak to him before he said he was an alien. She’s had a personal interest in human sexuality discrimination, but maybe not so much on racial discrimination. They all have the backs of their heads to us, but the two human guys could have WTF looks on their faces until Cal speaks and/or they realize his skin is green under the black face.

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