Live Prey Will be Delayed…Again

So…school just started. I’m a student in case you didn’t know. So you can hardly blame me for being a bit behind. I’ll get it out eventually.

In the meantime, if you haven’t, or even if you have, feel free to peruse the previous episodes! Between the nine of them there’s enough word count to actually count as a novel! I figured that out recently, I’m kinda stunned by it. And for your sake it’s divided into easily readable, short-story length segments. Y’know, like chapters, sorta. Yours’ to read! I especially recommend the later ones, they had the benefit of improved ability. Of course they won’t make so much sense without the earlier ones, I mean sure, if you’re like “What’s a Strigoi Viu?” then you can go to the wiki I built into it for you, but you’ll still be like “Why’s it matter that he’s a Strigoi Viu, and what the hell is going on?” because it’s a pretty sequential story, especially later on.

So, you know, read whatever you like, I can’t make you do anything.