A Call for Comments


As of this writing, there are 278 accounts registered on this site which are not me. There have also been no comments on anything here for something like eight months, ever since I made it so the only people who could comment were people who were registered (I was getting like, a crapton of spam). Thus I make this appeal:

COMMENT ON MY SITE. I know that comment sections are, in general, awful. I know that creators sometimes have to shut them down for the sake of their own sanity. I know that in many cases they are accessed solely by bigots and monsters under bridges. But the thing is, I’m DYING for some feedback here! I’ve been screaming out into the void for something like a year now and I’m disappointed that the void has yet to scream back. My statistics report is telling me that something like 30 people come to this site every day and none of you are leaving a trace. Are you ashamed to be reading me? I ask because, this is the modern age. Shame is for the weak.

So please, turn my site into a writhing cesspool of comments. Tell me I suck. Tell me the art in Kong Tower is awful and the body horror in Live Prey leaves something to be desired. Tell me that my oddly frequent opinions about the Wachowskis are wrong and don’t bother specifying why in any logical terms. Tell me what you like. Tell me what you don’t like. Tell me what you would like. Just talk about your day in a way that contains a secret message about genitalia. I don’t care! Just make yourself known.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go sit and wait to regret this decision.