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Kong Tower #102: Zombie Noir II

Kong Tower #102: Zombie Noir II published on 3 Comments on Kong Tower #102: Zombie Noir II

“Her legs went on for miles…” That is an actual detective film cliche right? I’m not just pulling that out of my ass?

Sorry about last week. I got distracted with other things and, you know. But hey! Two year anniversary’s coming up next month! Don’t forget to bring presents! There’ll be a strip that day since it conveniently coincides with the awesome-looking Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2!

There’s no new incentive, because I haven’t really figured out what to do now that I’ve finished all the colorized old strips, but Vote anyway! Charity’s good for the soul!


I think it is an actual noir line. If not, something like it, “her legs went on for…”. I’m kind of missing what he’s saying is not natural (and I’m assuming he’s not making a plastic surgery or “enhancement” comment, because, kind of not unusual 30 some years after the 80s.

Love the connect with the betting pool.

Yeah, I was worried that wasn’t exaggerated enough. Her legs are actually way too long for her body. The dress probably doesn’t help with the clarity. I’ll make it more obvious in later strips.

Looking at it since you mentioned that, I can see it now. I think it’s just I allow for disproportion in comics, especially superhero comics. Maybe you don’t need to exaggerate it. Also, the alt text, now that I read it, underlines the point).

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