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Kong Tower #109: Conveniently, the Sewers

Kong Tower #109: Conveniently, the Sewers published on 6 Comments on Kong Tower #109: Conveniently, the Sewers

Had trouble getting to this one, mainly because I didn’t like the punchline I had originally. Wasn’t until yesterday I figured out one I liked better.

Normally I’d just do a movie strip for Wonder Woman today, but since I was late on that one I just figured I’d put them both out. That didn’t end up working out. I’ll try to put up a comic for Wonder Woman before the weekend’s over, much as I plan to see Wonder Woman in this, the opening weekend, to show my support for female-centered superhero films.

I am tired now and must sleep. Vote please!


don’t kill yourself turtle dude! just go on a epic months long quest to find the spring of life( you know one is down there), fight the guardians of the spring, dump your mummify rat master all in there and then fight your resurrected but possessed rat master who is totally kicking shell but with the power of love, friendship, chimichangas and the ninja way, you summon your master’s spirit and together defeat the evil spirit and save the world!! ohh and the rat master get his body and groove back 🙂

or just go to marketpet buy another rat hell get two they are on sell and toss then in mutagen then train them in the ninja way and vengeance!!

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