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Kong Tower #43: A Case of the Living Dead

Kong Tower #43: A Case of the Living Dead published on No Comments on Kong Tower #43: A Case of the Living Dead

I realize that Rob McCobb, Zombie P.I. is probably a concept worthy of its own comic, but for the time being I’m shoehorning it into this one.

This is a new storyline that’s going to take up the next several strips, and then more at an undetermined later time. I really like this character and I’ve been planing on using him since the beginning. If you don’t get the pun in the name McCobb, try saying it out loud.

Vote for Kong Towerbecause a vote for me is a vote for Zombie private detectives.

[EDIT]: My sincerest apologies, but due to the computer I do my photoshopping on breaking down, there will be nothing new on Tuesday the 9th. I’ll definitely try to get something out on Friday for Deadpool, though. Somehow. Of some sort of quality.

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