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Although she also apparently has the power to find turtlenecks that are simultaneously snug and way too long.

Kong Tower #9: Unfortunate Power Combinations

Kong Tower #9: Unfortunate Power Combinations published on No Comments on Kong Tower #9: Unfortunate Power Combinations

Seriously, can you imagine if that sort of thing just happened in real life? Turtlenecks that are somehow simultaneously snug and too long?!

On another note, I’ve just recently realized how many other webcomics there are in this same theme, such as SpinneretteThe Non-Adventures of Wonderella, and League of Super Redundant Heroes. Which really leaves me with two options: I can strive for as much individuality and wit in my own writing as possible, hoping to distinguish myself from my peers… Or I can steal from those guys until I fear a lawsuit, then keep stealing. Decisions, decisions…

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