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Kong Tower #104: Return of the Protagonists

Kong Tower #104: Return of the Protagonists published on 1 Comment on Kong Tower #104: Return of the Protagonists

It was Larry Niven who said “Never fire a laser at a mirror.” Less well known, but equally important is the corollary: “Never fire a heat ray at an oncoming hail of glass shards. Beam weapons are really just stupid in general.”

This is late, I apologize. I want to eat lunch now. Vote please.

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Well, it’s two different things you’re talking about, innit? The mirror is a straight counter to the laser. But the glass is just another attack that your heat ray doesn’t block (unless it’s so hot it melts then evaporates the glass before it can reach you). Although a heat ray (no upped past 11) doesn’t block incoming attacks (other than cold rays, maybe), most ranged attacks don’t. You block with a shield or maybe a sword, not an arrow.

All of this was so I could use ‘innit’ in the beginning. :/

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