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Kong Tower #120: Sewer Search II

Kong Tower #120: Sewer Search II published on 3 Comments on Kong Tower #120: Sewer Search II

I felt really bad about not getting anything out last week, and I so wanted to be on time this week, but because of the trip up the country and SF Comic Con (which was great) and this damn heat wave here in SF and general laziness and procrastination… all I could get done was the penciling. So, I scanned that, and did the stuff I usually did after I’d finished inking and digitally coloring it. Think of it as a glimpse into my process. The real version will be up today or tomorrow. Hopefully today.

[EDIT] So it was Friday. In the Evening. Sorry about that.

[FURTHER EDIT] Because I just remembered it’s not at all clear, those are supposed to be the two guys from comic #74: Meanwhile, Among the Villains. That’s what the reference to Piracy is about. I was a little too in my own head there, sorry.

Speaking of Today, it’s an opportunity to vote for Kong Tower on Top Web Comics! As is tomorrow, and pretty much every other day. Thank You!


I’m missing it, what was he about to say when he was cut off to “…pirac” and more important, is this a continuation of a prior conversation I forgot about? I mean the only thing I can think of for how that word is piracy, but I don’t remember a conversation about that.

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