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Kong Tower #129: Gotterdammerung

Kong Tower #129: Gotterdammerung published on 2 Comments on Kong Tower #129: Gotterdammerung

Late by most of the day, but here’s a comic for everyone out there who loved or is going to love Thor: Ragnarok. I hear it’s good! (But does it have Stargate references??)

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Personally, although it can be fun, I found it lazy and very half-a#%. It was a fairly constant run of jokes, if you’re into that, but all the reviews that are supporting it seem to bend all the way backwards with the don’t take it too seriously hand wave (which translates to don’t expect anything other than lazy work to me).

Wouldn’t know a Stargate reference, but as much as I’m harping on the movie, I did laugh at the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory homage/rip off.

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