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Kong Tower #130: Victory!

Kong Tower #130: Victory! published on No Comments on Kong Tower #130: Victory!

And that’s the end of the Nazi Arc. It took WAY too long. Sorry this page is late, and I’m very sorry the next one is going to be VERY late.

I’m taking a couple weeks off. I will put up a Justice League page next week, of course, but just so I can get so I don’t always feel like I’m being chased by the deadline. The story will continue then, probably with something a little more lighthearted than Nazi Mechas. Like, Communist Magical Girls.

In the meantime, please tell as many of your friends and acquaintances as possible about Kong Tower, and have a vote on TWC with the link below. Probably in the Interim I’ll update the incentive once or twice, just to have something to do.

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