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Kong Tower #131: Equity Union of America

Kong Tower #131: Equity Union of America published on 4 Comments on Kong Tower #131: Equity Union of America

No color for now, not unlike the first trailer. (played-out-joke-heyoo!) Colored version to come later today. [UPDATE]: Color at last! More blue than I really realized going into this.

So hey, theres a Justice League movie now! It’s supposed to be just okay! Hooraaaaaaay!

I’m definitely gonna see it.

Make with the voting now, please. For JUSTICE!!!

[[UPDATE]]! Sorry the Hiatus is taking so much longer than expected, but how ’bout a nice Valentine’s Day voting incentive to get your blood pumping!? A new Comic will go up on Friday for Black Panther, and after that regular updates should start again. In the meantime, here’s two of your favorite characters in a moment of tender intimacy! Just click the button below!


Okay, six weeks and into a new year since the last update, when a week before the last update the notice was a two week break. I think it’s fair under protocol to check. How are things?

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