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Kong Tower #85: A Call to Super-Strong Arms

Kong Tower #85: A Call to Super-Strong Arms published on 3 Comments on Kong Tower #85: A Call to Super-Strong Arms

My God could it be?! A comic with only minimal copy-pasting!! Call the presses!

So this has been a pretty shitty week, huh? Convenient that I had a whole comic about retaining the hope to fight against impressive (and oppressive) forces already scripted. I hope you all make it through the difficult times to come, and want you to know that I will stand with you in whatever way I can. We may not have superpowers, but that doesn’t mean we have to succumb to the malevolent┬áNazis in real life. (MAN I wish that were a euphemism)

The barrel-of-monkeys-Rang thrown by MM smacked the Nazi super-gun out of his hand while cutting his palm, in case that’s not clear. I couldn’t get a speed effect to look quite right.

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