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Kong Tower #117: Nazi Roll Call

Kong Tower #117: Nazi Roll Call published on 3 Comments on Kong Tower #117: Nazi Roll Call

Sergeant States really likes killing Nazis. Only appropriate, really.

[EDIT] Nothing new for the 8th, I’m sorry to say. I got behind due to working out the story for the rest of this section and a writing deadline, and I figure with a trip that’s coming up I need to have a buffer and can’t keep getting pages done at the last minute.

It’s a new month, and that means Top Web Comics is in a new voting period. If you enjoy Kong Tower, please be so kind as to spend a minute to give its ranking a head starts. All votes to towards more Nazi-punching. Thank you.


So…Nyet? Russian from Nazis? :/ (I can see it being intentional, but if you wanted the German for no, I believe it is nein).

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